Kitty Lion Trim:

Lion Trim Cats Regina


There is no such thing as an ordinary cat, and the Kitty Lion Trim is for those not-so-regular-felines! This trim causes an uproar because it makes you look like your cousin, the lion, emphasizing your mane and lion's tail (if you wish).  


the kitty lion trim is exceptionally good for you if:

  • You enjoy being a fresh smelling, beautiful-to-touch kitty
  • Are heavily matted
  • You get terrible hairballs
  • You shed profusely
  • You have a family member with severe allergies
  • You are happier in a lion cut (many cat clientele can testify to this)
  • You have a skin condition 
  • You love your nails short so your humans don't get mad at you for causing damage to their skin, clothes & furniture
  • You love your ears and eyes cleaned and free of debris
  • Your owner simply loves the chic look


    It includes:

    • A luxurious bath in Kitty specialized tubs, with Kitty specialized shampoos
    • A warm towel purr-ito wrap
    • Ear/eye cleaning
    • Pedicure/manicure
    • Drying in a specialized cat dryer called a Catty Vac Shack (you will never be restrained)
    • A lion trim with or without the lion tail
    • A little fou-fou finishing such as Catatonic coat spray, and an optional, beautiful bow collar


    Prices vary according to cat size, coat and style selected. 
    Contact us for your specific styling quote.



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