We can come to you.

We get it - you're a busy kitty. Let us meet you at your stoop. We can come to you for front-step hair-styling bliss. 

You have two location options. When you phone us, one of the first questions our receptionist will ask is, “Do you want mobile or “IN” Salon?”

We always love it when you visit us, but sometimes your owners need a more convenient way to make you look and feel fabulous!  

For you kitties who like to be more private and hate the car rides!


Our mobile grooming was the original service (for dogs) that got Zoom Zoom Groom off the ground. Now, our cat division; PreZoomably Cats: Feline Groomz & Roomz offers the same service to its feline clientele.

Our mobile grooming vehicles bring the style and flair of a fine, upscale salon to the privacy and convenience of your home. Your cat will receive the professional, personalized and uninterrupted attention of a Certified Feline Master Groomer.


  • Convenience! Let us meet you and fit into your lifestyle
  • Full service without delivery and pickup trips to your groomer
  • Less stress for both you and your owner
  • One-on-one professional care
  • Perfect for senior cats
  • No exposure to other cats 
  • Personally hand dried
  • Eliminates car sick rides
  • No separation anxiety
  • Sanitary environment
  • High quality and natural products
  • Keep furry seats in your owner's vehicle out of the equation

We're on our way kitty cat!



Our mobiles are equipped to the max and all of our groomers are Certified Canine Stylists & Certified Feline Master Groomers - the best of the best!  

The mobile is equipped with exclusive cat dryers and supplies to cater to the finicky feline.


Pricing is simple: once you know the kitty plan you want to receive, and have your quote, you simply add the extra convenience front door service fee of $24 for one dog/cat and an additional $6 per every extra dog/cat being groomed at your home.

Seniors: $20

Out of town (White City, Pilot Butte): $26