Royal Treatment:

Royalty Program for Cats

You're not a great cat - you're an amazing cat, so why would you want to wait for an appointment? 

You are royalty and you deserve to be treated that way. With a Royal Treatment Membership you book your appointments in advance (8 week intervals) - guaranteeing you the prime times you want - with the perks you deserve. 


PreZoomably Cats Royalty Program includes these add-ons to whatever style you choose; Kitty Brush-out, Kitty Lion Cut, Kitty Comb Cut:

  • Ear Flush: recommended by veterinarians. A Veterinarian Grade wash is massaged inside the ear to really clean the ear canal. This is a great option for cats with chronic ear infections
  • Celebrity Smile Dental Treatment
  • Cucumber Melon Facial Scrub


  • 10% off regular price if 6 weeks or less 
  • The Royalty Therma-clean Microbubble Bath
  • Free Deshedding
  • 15% off Boarding in the Roomz even during      prime-times